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Political Theorist

Assumption College
500 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609

Greg Weiner is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Assumption College. He has taught at Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, and Brown University's Political Theory Project. Weiner received his BA from the University of Texas at Austin and his MA and PhD from Georgetown University. His dissertation was awarded the Jack Miller Center’s Chairman’s Award for Best Dissertation in American Political Thought as well as Georgetown University’s Harold N. Glassman Award for Best Dissertation in the Social Sciences.

The focus of Weiner’s teaching and research is the intersection of political theory and the U.S. Constitution. A former national political consultant and communications and policy director for Senator Bob Kerrey, Weiner’s specialties include American political thought, civil liberties, constitutional law and majority rule.

He is author of Madison’s Metronome: The Constitution, Majority Rule and the Tempo of American Politics (University Press of Kansas, 2012). The University Press of Kansas will publish his book American Burke: The Uncommon Liberalism of Daniel Patrick Moynihan in February 2015.

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